Pasha Plohoy
Pshychedelic post-punk single.
All lyrics, vocals, guitars, drums, synths and the final mix by Pasha Plohoy.
The song "Angel" addresses the issue of so-called "blind angels" - leaders and influencers who lead their audience in a direction they are unsure of, urging them to make choices for which they themselves are not willing to take responsibility. The song touches upon both general trends observed in society and the artist's personal story, reflecting on the theme of his own leadership and past decisions that have influenced others.

This is the artist's first song in which he is the author not only of the lyrics and vocals but also of the entire music, arrangement, and mixing. It is the first release after a two-year hiatus during which Pasha reinvented himself as a musician. He has gone from being an MC who uses other people's instrumentals to a musician capable of creating and then performing his own composition from start to finish.

For the filming of the music video for the song "Angel," Pasha climbed Mount Subra in Montenegro (1679m) in a business suit with an electric guitar in hand. The entire visual was shot by the young documentary filmmaker Stepan Tikhonov.