What If
Tamko & X NIA
"What If" is a summer track created to evoke the ambience of yachts and boats at sunset, or in coastal "Cafe Del Mar"-style cafes, inspiring guests to sit on the street veranda, enjoy a glass of wine, and watch the sunset.

Despite its summer vibes, the content of the song is about love. It tells a romantic story of two people meeting, where their encounter might develop into the love of their lives, or they may never meet again.

The lines "What if I could be for you someone you never own" and "So let's just dance around" stand out as the main highlights of the track. The author, in a way, expresses, "I'm uncertain whether we are only together for today or forever, but for now, let's dance until we're lost in the moment."

In essence, this song is a dreamy portrayal of a beautiful love that might never come to fruition.